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In 2020 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Anne Schofield Antiques. In 1970 we opened the first specialist antique jewellery shop in Australia on Queen Street Woollahra, an elegant tree lined boulevard which has become one of the finest shopping precincts in Sydney.

Please enjoy perusing our updated website, which showcases some of our exceptional collection of fine antique and period jewels from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. You will also find select pieces from our ‘Special Collections’ of Antique Cameos and Intaglios, and Indian traditional jewellery.

To make an appointment or enquire about items on our website (or indeed the wide range of jewels not shown), please contact us via email at or phone 61 2 93631326.



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Art Deco Treasures

Art Deco Treasures

Above: A fabulous emerald pendant brooch by Collingwood & Co. Ltd., in its original case labelled 'Jewellers to the Royal Family'.We’re excited to share the news of a private collection of superb quality Art Deco jewels which has just arrived in time for...

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The House of Cartier – Family business to International Brand

The House of Cartier – Family business to International Brand

In 1847 Louis Cartier opened a small jewellery store in Paris.
In 1870 his son Alfred assumed leadership and organised the first exhibition in London.
In I898 his son Louis joined his father Alfred.
In 1898 Alfred’s sons Pierre and Jacques joined the company.
In 1899 the store moved to 13 Rue de la Paix, Paris.

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Mourning Jewellery

Mourning Jewellery

The 20th century Irish born artist Francis Bacon had a very simple view of mortality; “You live, you die. That’s it,”
This may be seen as a very bleak view of one of life’s inevitabilities, but in past centuries, before the development of medical science, death was omnipresent.

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Opals: Australia’s ‘Rainbow’ Gems

Opals: Australia’s ‘Rainbow’ Gems

I recently acquired a striking opal cameo set in silver as a ring. Depicting Nike, the goddess of Victory in Greek mythology, it has been attributed to the celebrated German gem carver Wilhelm Schmidt (1845-1938) and dated circa 1880.

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