We are delighted to welcome you to our forthcoming selling exhibition of rings from antiquity to now, A RING CYCLE, May 17-27.
From ancient times rings have been given as tokens of love, power and friendship , and worn as amulets to attract good fortune. The ring is a marker of the cycle of life from birth to betrothal and, as manifested in the mourning ring, even death.
The collection includes Ancient and Neo-Classical intaglios and cameos, 18th and 19th century betrothal rings, mourning rings, Art Deco rings, retro cocktail rings, diamond solitaires and engagement rings and contemporary designer rings by Jacqueline Lillie, Larsen & Lewers, Lisa Black , Alice Whish, Asato Tanaka, Nicole Bannerman, Diane Appleby, Fiona Meller and Christel Van Der Lan.